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New Tenants and Upgrades to Continental Medical Plaza

Continental Medical Plaza Welcomes New Tenants

Continental Medical Plaza’s has a new tenant. According to Lydia Percia, Continental East Development’s (CED) Senior Vice President, Definitive Consulting Services leased the entire first floor of CED’s Murrieta headquarter building. DCS takes a responsible and honest approach to do what is in the best interest of its clients and community. In addition, their business goal is to “deliver fairness and professionalism through our commitment to the highest level of standards in all services we provide.”

New Tenants

Moreover, to accommodate DCS’s tenants needs CED upgraded and revamped the first floor. The Visiting Nurses Association previously leased the first floor. In addition, as part of the tenant upgrades, CED installed a new automated building entry and security system.

RadNet Partnership

Continental Medical Plaza’s major tenant is RadNet. Just under seven years ago RadNet leased the entire adjacent medical office building. RadNet upgraded the building to a diagnostic imaging clinic. With over 7,100 employees and 341 imaging centers in six states, RadNet believes it is well-positioned for the future of healthcare. RadNet completed more than 7 million outpatient imaging procedures annually. The company reported it achieved a 95% patient satisfaction rating in 2017. Finally, CED feels based on RadNet’s continual commitment to providing healthcare and its strategic Murrieta clinic location that we will continue to enjoy a long-term and successful business relationship with RadNet.

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