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Meeting the High Demands for Apartments in Moreno Valley

High Demands for Apartments

With many seeking to relocate to the suburbs of Moreno Valley, the area is seeing a high demand for apartments and strong market conditions. The Chamber of Commerce and the surrounding community indicated there is a strong desire for each phase of the project.

High Demands For Apartments

Phase I

The flatwork for ADA ramps, sidewalks, handrails, etc., is complete. The asphalt’s cap paving has begun. The perimeter fencing is about 90% complete. In addition, the offsite landscape is done, and the on-site is about 25% complete. The more minor exterior details, such as the exterior lights, trim pieces, stair handrails, and rain gutters are almost complete. The interiors of the

buildings are done with plans to finalize with the addition of carpeting and appliances.

The interior of the Recreation Building is complete. In addition, its exterior painting is also complete. The pool deck is also finished. Gates for the equipment, breezeway, and pedestrian access are fabricated and installed. Painting is the final step. Outdoor living areas are nearly complete. In addition, the carport material is on-site and ready to commence once cap paving is done.

Lydia’s Way

Pervious paving is complete. The cap paving up to the entrance of Phase I is also done. Furthermore, both the Lasselle Drive approach and bus bay are complete.

Phase II

Phase II architecture is now in progress. We awarded the project’s precising grading civil engineering contract. In addition, site grading is estimated to start Summer 2021. We’re pleased to report that the project has an updated architecture. Lastly, the kick-off meeting with the engineers, architects, and owners commenced.

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