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Sweetwater Tract


Continental East Development’s first Real Estate syndication is a prime example of CED expert management’s ability to create profitable opportunities for our investors by identifying and acquiring undervalued assets, developing and ultimately selling for a significant return on the original investment.

In March 2009, Continental East Development acquired a controlling interest in the primer +28 acre residential tract known as “Sweetwater Ranch” from the Bank of Midwest. Like all of its acquisitions to date, CED purchased the property entirely for cash, without any debt financing.

Situated in one of the fastest-growing communities in Southern California, Sweetwater Ranch is centrally located to the City of Murrieta, City of Temecula, and San Diego County, consisting of 128 single-family residential lots. As forecasted by CED expert management, the site’s ideal location takes advantage of the community’s growth and market recovery.


Continental East Development demonstrated its ability to perform with the successful execution of its exit strategy way ahead of the original four-year schedule when the property was sold to Meritage Homes in December of 2012 at a very substantial profit to our investors. The success of Sweetwater syndication was only the beginning of CED’s story. CED’s management team has since continued to prove its expertise in turning around undervalued properties through multiple real estate syndications.

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