Fund III

Continental Villages

In March 2009, Continental East Development purchased Moreno Valley 227 “Continental Village” from Central Pacific Bank of Hawaii in another demonstration of its ability to identify, acquire, and develop undervalued properties to create profitable opportunities for investors. With an idyllic location adjacent to Moreno Valley College, the site was recognized by Continental East Development management as an extremely attractive development site. 

The site was previously approved for 227 Condo Units. With its proximity to Moreno Valley College, Continental East Development expert management recognized an opportunity to add significant value to the site by re-entitling the 19+ acres for a mixed-use Master Planned Community consisting of 36 Single Family Residential Lots, 56 Residential Courtyard homes, and 125 Multi-Family Apartments with a recreation clubhouse and amenities. 

Moreno Valley College is expanding its campus programs to include a premier Nursing and Physician Assistant school. The adjacent Continental Village apartments were designed with support from Moreno Valley College and will provide much needed housing for the increasing student population. Additionally, the Residential Courtyard homes will serve as ideal housing for the college’s teachers and other faculty, with its proximity to the college and nearby hospitals. 

The Northern portion of the site has been rough graded while the southern-most portion has undergone additional grading and leveling. Streets, curbs, and gutters are installed around the perimeter of the site. The site has superior views of the Moreno Valley and local mountains. 

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